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Related article: Date: Sun, 27 May 3, 2001 52nd 55 -0000 From: Cliff Traynor u003ccliff6 hotmail. com u003e Subject : brother -in-law n º 3 the hunting season My brother - in-law, Steve was invited to go hunting with some of work friends, and were a fifth part to help bikes, looking to share costs. If you call Steve, I was a little concerned that hunting only beeen once, but he encouraged me to come as I could add some humor to the group of the field of play in the kitchen. Then I thought the night reviewed and our budget, I decided to go myself. It was not until four days, and that out well in the woods with a bunch of guys. was quite expensive, because we had to fly north in a chartered plane, leads to a guide us in the cabin and showed us everything. The boys seemed right with a boy, a wild child - the kind that keeps the party all the time. It was fun and we got along immediately. on our trip, I met the guys know what they already knew, and is a SteveNo I did not tell a few stories of our time as a young good friends, and how to meet again. Of course not, he said, all - but I think everyone has the essentials that were very close to and friends - fellow law now The trip was fun! , Was the leader of a tired old man probably n at home instead of in the cold, shows the yuppies in the area. However, he did his job, and we have the information we needed. The cabin was - rustic - to put it mildly. Two sets of bunk beds and a day bed. A wood stove heats the place, their includes hot meals. We were responsible for ensuring that the oven is hot and cut more wood, if necessary, but there were a few cords of wood and hacked - I was sure that no more wood is cut. Steve and I took a bunk, Ernie and Jim took second, and Chris crazy had the sofa. There was a head cook - house and the dining room a few miles away, when webefore full, but we decided to cook our own meals except Saturday night. We were thrilled to get out in the woods, and so we split into two groups: Chris and Steve and I would be together. We moved our hunting gear Nn Preteen Model and went into the forest - in search of our prey. Now, we spent a couple Nn Preteen Model of hours in tune with nature, but no animal showed , except for a squirrel and some birds. But it was tense - if warning - do not talk - just a little whisper. Chris was jokes in a whisper all day and was very hard for me not to laugh out loud for n. A couple of times I had to press my face into the ground muffle laugh, otherwise I would live to all 4-legged creatures that drove a in our area. Finally, we have for that day and went to our cabin. There were three of us If you could cook and extracted the names to see who will be that night. I the honor and decided to cook after washing. The cabin is equipped with a sink with water pumped and filtered from a nearby stream, and s been a dependency to about 50 meters from the cabin. Inside was a two-seater and a urinal , which flows into the same hole under the seats. He seemed a little odd, but then had seven seater latrines in some historical sites to see. Once I decided I wanted to cook until I announced, heading in the n loo before you start. Oddly enough, some of the guys came n me "to try to leave the house. " The three of us in full operation by two of us pissing, and Jim took a dump. It was fast - and a little uncomfortable. I did not know and because it was a little shy, not at all good about it - yet. When I was almost all organized, I noticed some changes of the boys started, the sweat on their most comfortable. Steve got in his shorts sweat, and Chris got into his sweatpants. It seemed pretty get along together, and both were very good separation in the room s welcoming change from jeans to sweatno underwear. Chris walked into the kitchen for a beer and I could not help but notice the clear vision of what looked like a semi- hard penis in his sweats. He grabbed a beer and settled into a chair with legs in width. He looked well - my size and height, but with long blond hair - and slightly unshaven. We started talking, storm, and once in a , while n, I realized that he took out his penis and it would be on the front, back straight, I I guess I did not realize until maintaining a semi- hard erection. I gave him a small smile to show I saw his situation, and that s well. Steve appeared in us sitting at the bar that divides the union kitchen lounge. We talked and laughed while I cooked and I asked Chris to the large bowl of fragrant flavor was invented. He realized from the chair, and back to him, stood to the right of this that part of his body was very hot in my inclination - on the stove. When that stareal -time strategy to bring the spoon to her mouth, moving the upper body , but he kept in touch with my thigh, so that I could still feel is the heat of his penis. When he said it was great, who made his way me for a second - as illustrated by his statement and then have n left. It felt good. I've always liked guys who were comfortable with all the n body. One of the other children called him to come to another space , so it was... a talk on the work fun. This left Steve and I in the kitchen. I missed not having a narrow time with him, but Nn Preteen Model do not allow the circumstances. However, it has know -how much he loved his cock, and do not miss the opportunity of a quick sense. When we spoke, he pulled his chair closer to me and put a s foot, which opened to reveal the short legs, the tip of its tail, some pubic hair and a nice view of her pocket. Sipping his beer, winked and smiled. I took a quick look at the market to see that the other three guys were sitting on the couch looking at a magazine. Immediately, with a goal than a spoon on the floor. Soon, I was able to stick his tongue and put my lips around the n is the tip of his penis for a second. Always smiling, and I realized that his tail sticking out a bit more than it had been. I lay in him and whispered, "I know what I like for dinner," and took a quick sense of his penis. I have some pre-cum in the palm of my hand and licked it. " Hmm, Steve. Perhaps this should serve as a starter. The problem is that n perhaps the only man here who appreciates" are. He laughed. Dinner was ready and we were stuffed in a large dining table hard with Steve and I are playing footsie in and out of most food. that s been a good group of guys, but they worked together, so you know where a lot of the interview went! It was not entirely alien to me,However, I felt a little out of the loop. So after dinner, when the other guys clean , I decided to go for a walk early in the night air. I was 5 minutes when I heard footsteps running behind me. I turned around at the same time Chris grabbed my shoulders and hit me across the n in a circle. " Hey, man... do not know how far gone, but tomorrow, when I cook, I out cleaning service. " " Lucky You", I said, and went over along the way. "Sorry, I always speak again. It is a habit that has just received in.. and we have forgotten something, everything. " " Okay," I said. "I probably would do the same. " " Well, I thought to come together and have the opportunity to get to know you better... if is good. " " Hey man course. No problem... I want to know what you are? " And so began the first 30 minutes of me talking about me. that seemed genuinely interested, and it felt good. I returned the favor, and as much as possible to a foundAll around. Then he was silent except for the sounds of feet walking on the cedar wood and the crackling branches in us. " So, uh... I noticed you and played a little footsie Stevie tonight? " I stopped. My heart sank in his chest beat like crazy and I have n red beet again. " " did not worry about it man. It's great to me. I suppose you are very close to " ? ( I cleared my throat). " Yes, we are close. We've known since we were children, and now that 'family' we are even closer. We are going to be good, as well, a kind of love. We have always been. " " That's fine with me. My brother and I are very close and always been loving to others. Some people think it's weird, but we do. If it feels good - do it! " begin our return back and remained silent for about 10 minutes. The silence was broken again with another question. " Well, uh, is, how close are the boys? " Why would know this ? What surprised me was to go. I did not answer - I do not know how to break without trust. suddenly grabbed me and held me in its tracks. " look. I have a feeling, dass..... sometimes you can mess around with guys... am I wrong ? In front of the kitchen when I pressed against you, n came not jump back or away, so I thought that maybe everything was OK with him. " did not say anything for a while and went silent. " I'm sorry. I guess it 's not supposed to be," he said. I stopped and turned to him to look at his face. I wanted to say, him.. "Look Chris I do not care that you hold your penis against me on kind of thing does not bother me -.. That is, if I like the person who sometimes is it feels good - both for children - and really - I do not mind Yes -.. Steve I have stayed around a few times a fool, "" Yes - How, what have you done? "he asked ?. "Why do you want to know," I snapped back, a little uncomfortable. " Because I sucka couple of times and I wondered if there ? " I was stunned. Both of us had their tails together at different times in the life of your s. I want to talk about this or not. ? I was the envy Stunned number if - I would say to me, and I, because I was his only male foolish thought -. I sat on the floor, "Well, yes, I sucked. a few times n and I must admit it is pretty incredible. " " Oh, shit, "he said. " Finally, I can agree with someone who has taken speech the best tasting cock... " I interrupted. "... and smell the best... " " Man, just follow your nose is incredibly pocket, and "" cock... Tasting his semen... Nn Preteen Model "" Oh, man - who also... When was your first time? "" When he came to my house to announce his commitment to my sister. Yours ? " " week -long camp with children in school. No. We have a break from the kids and left skinny dipping. I swam between his legs, and the next thing n You know, he has his head in a head lock - the wits between her thighsmy face h in your pocket. One was drowned or sucked.. I started sucking. " He laughed The two fell to the ground. I looked down and realized that was as hard as I, but was back with his eyes closed. I lay at his side, so that touched their arms and knew that both thinking the same thing. my hand down to my penis hard and was initiated through my jeans message. I looked at together, eyes open, he sees a n has started, like, rubbing his dick through his sweats. " you know how many times I masturbate thinking about sucking cock ? "" Oh man, at least once a day for me! " sweat was removed by the balls and gave me a good insight into this thick. S I opened the zipper and pulled my jeans, exposing my penis at night the air. , where we were. Two of the Nn Preteen Model sons of bitches same queue, masturbate thinking sucking the penis of her best friend. I saw him shrugged and looked at his penis and testes that were so like me. I put my hand on theTo feel its rhythm and catch a feeling than his cock. We smiled at each other as we approached the margin. The two began to spit at the same time, with the seed landing in each hand. When it was over, they were so soft caresses of another penis. I was looking for something to clean with, and could not find anything. so n bot my clean underwear for both. I took off my shoes and pulled my pants and underwear, there is still cum dripping from the tip of my penis, which offered him first. He stood and clean his cock and stomach, then handed it back to my underwear, cleaning. "Thanks," he said, and stayed there for a minute really our time to dress. I put cum soaked underwear into a ball and stuffed it into his pocket. return to the cockpit fairly quiet, but very happy. After returning to the cabin, he found that Jim and Ernie decideda a foot main house, where he held an event class for a few hours. Steve decided not to go, and we answered back of the route. " So where were you anyway? " Steve asked with what sounded like a little to worry about your voice. " Oh, you just know, thoroughly and enjoy the fresh air of the night. We, uh, heard that they had much in common," said a mysterious tone. Chris chirped in : ". Yes, the connection with families, hobbies - food, y... what else.. oh yeah - your cock " Steve looked very embarrassed, turned white, looked at me with the greatest apologetic look on his face. Chris could not believe I just let go , which told me much about his character, but he did and was n ot much I could do about it. his way with us, and came and went in this great tree maple not far from the front door. "Chris, why so broke," he asked. "I thought It was a little weird and I said we should take only the open air, "replied raise a laugh. n left behind him and moved the other chair at his side. " Steve, is well.. what happens... and I must admit you have a big cock. is is a relief for me to have someone tell you. I paused. I had to ask. So, how often and Chris... " laughed and patted me gently on the shoulder. " Oh shit, is just a couple of times. The first time was very hard, and two other times... well, almost begged me to suck. But it is as you and me at all! We are brothers, we're friends, we have the story... and a future. Hey Chris out of here. " I do not know Nn Preteen Model what was going to happen, but Chris came, hesitated for a little. " Hey, I'm sorry... I did not think you are upset because... " Listen Chris, I'll just tell you I 'm glad you brought it to me open, and uh, I think it's between you and me. You can only doesn't a good feeling. I mean, I liked it and everything. I mean, hey n ot like he has a big tail, and has good taste and all he thinks shit, but I, who is better to stop here before it is discharged. " Shit. So is it not? Even a suction Finally, my friend. " took some time to get the answer: " No, I do not think, Chris, I... - I interrupted him. "I have an idea. What about the two Beac.. at the same time.. while the other guys are gone... and give a tasty last load Chris his. " Steve, put the head back and ran his hands through his hair while trying to decide what to do. He approached the chair and spread her legs nice n and wide. " I do not you know... I've never done... to " " Rise, " I ordered. " What? "" stand up " I repeated. slowly stood up, and I got up and stood before him. " This is for all three of us. It will be great "I undid his pants and pulled down to the ankles. Was there. The world's most beautiful cock, only hanging out thereThis dense shrub. I looked at Chris and nodded for him to come, and then gradually slowed me in the chair Steve. He sat back and opened my legs wider. As if on cue, Chris and I live together and both went straight to his balls. Our noses found from their usual place, and the two began to sniff and lick and massage her bag s with our language. I looked up and grinned at Steve, who smiled back and tousled my hair. He took my hand and carried it to his mouth, and begun, my middle finger sucking, then n his way to the other, while E n my nose and chin, through the pubic hair and kissed my way down, and then his hairy inner thigh. When I found my way back to his penis, Chris had already jumped to Steve Hahn. Her lips moved to the base of its tail, and began Nn Preteen Model to lick and nibble, then work my way to the part of its axis, which was the talk of Chris. His penis was as hard as sometime, and Chris and I sharedlicking his dick like, back each other the side of his shaft down into the pocket, and a backup of your cock. My mouth n Chris went to his head and tongue started to lick the precum I staggered and then turns off completely. Steve was crazy. " You, me crazy, you just hold on a minute" Steve with wine. did not hear, and began to work on it to run. I rubbed my hands on his hairy legs, and his whole cock at the base, runs, while Chris working on his balls. His hands fell and he stroked the hair of our heads, were all once in a while to figure falling to the crotch n feel of the lips of boys sucking their anatomy. " Guys, we need to do this. It's too hot ! " I started to find in the our faces, while the nerve of the penis and testicles. my the mouth of his cock, I realized that this is the taste of sperm last time Chris Steve and I left just in time, because right across the mouth broken Chris. I licked and playedthe sweat of your furry balls. Large has been tested. was soon over, and we all sat with a smile on our faces. The scene was great when I saw his penis back in normal state, and that leaned his hairy cock in a final plunge. Suddenly, we hear the voices of the other guys back in the cockpit, , and jumped up and scattered, which seem all were ready Take a piss off. " Hey guys, you should be pissing in the annex" ! I had no know what had happened. Cliff6 hotmail. com
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